Use of New Chlamydia/GC Collection and Testing platform


Dear Clients,

Use of New Chlamydia/GC Collection system

Becton Dickerson (BD) has retired their current method for performing Chlamydia Trachomatis /Neisseria Gonorrhea PCR (Probetek) and replaced it with the BD Max. The new system will require a new collection kit composed of a swab, sample buffer tube and a transfer pipette. The kit can be used for urine or swab collections, but each sample type must be submitted in its own Sample buffer tube. Instructions for the collection of urine or Endocervical-Vaginal specimens are attached to this notice. Basically, one (1) milliliter of collected urine is placed on the sample buffer tube via the pipette provided or a swab collected from the Endocervical or Vagina area is broken into the sample buffer tube. Please do not apply a preprinted label. The bar code on the sample tube cannot be obstructed. Patient names and DOB must be written legibly on the sample label. A fine tip marker is ideal for the identification process.

Please continue to submit the CT-GC tubes you have received from us until they expire or use the new collection kits when received. Note that when filling the old CT-GC samples for urine, the tube must be filled to the mark.

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